Matrox video wall solutions for Display Wall Applications

Do you know about Matrox video wall solutions for Display Wall Applications? Video walls are series of monitors arranged and integrated together to form bigger screens .They allow special displays through combinations of monitors, projectors and Televisions. Video walls are found in specific areas such as public places, stadiums and even in control rooms and panels. By using a video wall you can easily customize tile layouts and have high density per unit cost. Most video walls embrace the LED technology. Matrox is one of the most renowned manufactures of graphic solutions preferably for specific professional markets.

Matrox video wall solutions for Display Wall Applications

The following are some of the features that have enabled Matrox to stand the test of time as a leading manufacturer of graphic solutions in the world:

The best computer platforms

Matrox video wall solutions for Display Wall Applications have the best computer platforms particularly for boardrooms which require stable digital signal transmissions. This is one of the best features that have given Matrox outstanding performance in the modern digital world. This is one of the reasons as to why the company has been leading in graphical solutions in professional market.

Amazing scalable video controllers

Commonly known as processors, video controllers are special devices that ensure that images are form and displayed to a series of individual screens. There are two types of video controllers namely the hardware and software based controllers. Matrox have scalable video controllers which ensure high reliability and performance.

It has system motherboards

The systems motherboard has the capacity to support six controller boards specifically for high definition inputs and outputs. The functionality of the controller boards largely depends on the management software and the graphic cards.

Multi functional motherboards

With the Matrox graphics motherboards one can easily navigate by interchanging and switching and facilitating video conversions and scaling.

Why go for Matrox video wall solutions for Display Wall Applications

The following are some of the reasons why you should make Matrox your premiere company over other companies that offer graphic manufacturing products and services:

Quality products and services

Matrox is one of the few manufacturing companies that offer the state of the art services to its clients. They prioritise needs of the customers and handle them with utmost attention that customers deserve.

Highly skilled workmanship

The company has unbelievably experienced workforce that ensure that the final products are designed and manufactured with the required expertise. The professionals ensure that the quality of the products is not compromised at all.

They offer wide range of products and services


Matrox has partnered with other subsidiary companies such as Trenton to offer amazing products and services to its clients. They are indeed the leading manufacturer of a wide range of graphic products.



Therefore if you are one of those people who have been looking for the best graphic solutions that will meet your professional needs, then Matrox is the best company to go for. They are dedicated to offer you with exclusive graphic solutions that will fit your needs. Founded in 1976, Matrox is the best in offering graphic solutions and is a premier choice for industries in need of high reliability products.

What Is An External Video Adapter? Top 3 External Video Adapters

What Is An External Video Adapter

An external video adapter is basically an expansion device that allows your central processing unit to send graphics to a monitor, TV or a projector. In other words, an external video adapter gives room for secondary display aside from that of the main monitor. Important to note, external video adapters are also known as graphic or video cards and they are connected externally to a computer and not internally.

USB Multi Monitor Adapters- how to use multiple displays with your pc
External video adapters come in different models. Some might not be compatible with particular operating systems. Others might require installation of the respective drivers to function. In other words, it is important to be very keen and selective when in search of an external video adapter.

Here are 3 most recommended external video adapters:

1. Smart Buy USB Graphics Adapter

One of the great things about this external video adapter is that it allows for multiple screen display from one PC. This means that you can do your presentation on different screens. In addition, the card is easy to install since it comes with a USB function. All you need is to plug it to the USB ports of your computer and you will be ready to go.

Aside from that, the quality of images transmitted through this graphic card is high. You can, therefore, use the adapter for different purposes without experiencing image blurs. The only problem is that this graphic adapter is that it may not be compatible with Mac OS. However, other operating systems are very compatible with the card.

USB Graphics Adapter- External Video Adapter

2. USB To DVI External Video Adapter

It is the ideal external video adapter for both windows 7 and 8. It is also compatible with monitors which support 1920×1200 resolutions. One of the best things about USB to DVI external video card is that it has the capacity to send signals to multiple monitors. This comes as a chance to elevate your productivity.

What’s more, the card is really easy to use. It actually takes a matter of minutes to connect an extra DVI monitor. All you need is to install the respective drivers as instructed. Upon plugging in the adapter, you will be presented with simple steps to follow in order to activate and use it. USB To DVI External Video Adapter

3. Eblecom USB3DP00B Display Video Adapter

You will like the fact that this external video adapter comes with an in-built display link which facilitates clear and high quality display. It is fully compatible with monitors that have resolutions of up to 2560×1600/60. Not to mention, the adapter has the capacity to support both video and audio.

Interestingly, you will not have to reboot your computer upon plugging in this graphic card. In other words, it is a plug and play external video adapter. It is one of the easiest to install and use.


With a very wide variety of external video adapters, you have the freedom to make your preferred selection. However, you must avoid hasty choices since not all external video adapters are appealing. The above mentioned brands of graphic cards should be first in your list of priorities since their functionality is incredible.

Tips For First Time PC Builders

Building a computer is a great way of getting suitable machine for your needs. This will also give you an opportunity to learn great deals during the process of picking and assembling the hardware and installing your software and operating system. Most individuals usually spend much time in getting too little done, though they end up with the system that works.

PC building, like other things is a skill gained with much patience, time, and above all practice to perfect on it. But the results are worth it. It is therefore important for first time PC builders to get basic ideas of what to build and how to build it. It may not be a step by step process but some tips and ideas that will help you to build your PC successfully at the first time.

Research and plan ahead


Researching and planning ahead for the new build is one of the important thing first timers should look into. Make sure you choose the right components for your system. Firstly, determine the budget and decide exactly on what you need for the custom-built system to be capable of working as required. Decide whether you want an Intel-based machine or AMD machine.
First-time buyers can go for a bundled deal that includes processor, a compatible motherboard, and memory sticks. Others include whether the graphics card fits into the case chosen, whether there is available space for custom CPU cooler and how much power needed for the new computer. Also remember to get the latest hardware drivers

Keep the packaging


It is important for first timers to keep the packaging of the new components, because it will likely come in handy in the future and an individual may send a particular component back because of compatibility issue in the hardware. If you want to do some replacement of an existing computer or any hardware in it, then you can use the boxes that came with them for storing old hardware. Also it is important to ensure that everything is packaged safely if you want to sell the old hardware or keep it for building the second machine.

Get suitable power supply


Many first-time PC builders underestimate the necessity of having decent power supply unit. Best power supply units are often expensive, and most individuals would rather skimp on cost and allocate most of their budget into a more interesting and useful components for the new builds and this may lead into disaster. Cheaper power supply units may cause some problems with a more demanding hardware, sometimes to an extent of permanently damaging the components.

The more extra components, more powerful the processor and graphics card you have, the more powerful the power supply unity you will require. Never pay attention only to wattage, the brand and the price can give you better idea of the level of quality of the power supply unity.

Tips For First Time PC Builders

Use cable management

A lot of computers involve tangled mess of cables. With regards to interior part of the computer, this will not only inconvenience; but it can also restrict the flow of air by getting in the way of important components such as fans. Try and keep cables inside the computer neatly arranged. You can use items like twist locks and wire clips. However, the effective way you can use to manage your interior cables is to use suitable case.


Building PC is pretty and much simple the moment you set the mind to do so, researching well and planning ahead are some of ideas you can employ to come up with a successful PC builder. It is also important to keep the packaging and choose a suitable power supply unity for your system. Use cable management for smooth running of the machine and it is important to check if all components are available.

How to Build Your Own External Hard Drive

External hard drives whether small or big can significantly help you to store data. They are versatile and can be used for either storing photos, videos, music or back up files. They can also be used with Media devices or with WI FI routers as NAS solutions. However, most of us don’t know how to make a functional external hard drive. Below are some tips to help you make use of the internal hard drive in your old computer.

How to build your own external hard drive


Well, this is a simple, convenient yet a cheap process that gives you a chance to make exactly what you want. You can choose the size, configuration or even the type of interface you want to use.

How to Build Your Own External Hard Drive

So what do I need when making an external hard drive?

•A hard drive; it can either be a new hard drive that you purchased for this purpose or unused one in another computer. It may vary in size and capacity depending on what is available and what you want.

•External/enclosure case; there are different types of cases that vary in size shape and material. You can select what you prefer, but make sure to include an interface adapter and a power supply line.

•A screw driver is also equally important, but its size will depend on the design of the hard drive and the external case.

•Approximately ten minutes. Since it is not a daunting and tiring process, you only need about 10 to 15 minutes to assemble the hard drive.

Factors to consider when choosing an internal hard drive


Internal interface

For easy identification, most modern hard drives contain 7 pins and have SATA. If it’s a new hard drive, then expect it to be SATA. Old hard drives are PATA/IDE with 40 minutes. When selecting an interface, make an effort of knowing the type of internal interface you want.

Rational speed

The most common rational speed for internal hard drives include 7,200 rpm and 5,400 rpm. However, 7200 hard drives are much faster than the 5400 rpm drives. They however tend to run hot and less energy efficient, and how to keep the drive cool is an imperative consideration prior to building your own hard drive.

Capacity, height and size

Computers use 3.5 inch drives while smaller laptops use 2.5 inch drives. The 3.5 inch drive has a higher storage capacity and can manage even 2TB of storage making the 3.5 inch drive a better option. Most 2.5 inch drives are 12.5mm and 9.5 mm high. It is worth noting the size of the hard drive even before selecting an enclosure.

After choosing the type of hard drive you want, you need to wisely select an attractive enclosure. It can either be aluminum or plastic, but remember aluminum is more durable. Select an enclosure depending on hard drive’s size and customer satisfaction. From the wide variety of external interfaces, select the one that meets your budget and preference as well. Some of the most common USB drives include; USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. You can also consider fire wall and Esata to boost its performance. From there you can assemble the hard drive ready to be plugged in to another machine.

How to use Multiple Displays with Your PC

There are many reasons why you may want to use several monitors attached to a single PC. Designers who need to work on extensive layouts are naturally in this category. But even normal users may have the occasional need to have two or more monitors attached to the computer to help get a better experience with such ordinary applications as web browsers. But the biggest push for multiple monitor adapters in common computer applications has been as a result of the rise and rise of video gaming where the output can be spread, rather than replicated, across different monitors. Whatever your motivation for needing multiple monitors, these are the main alternatives you can opt for:

How to use Multiple Displays with Your PC

USB Multi Monitor Adapters

USB multi monitor adapters are the most common accessories used to increase the display capability of a computer. They have become very popular in recent days owing to how easy they are to set up and integrate with a computer system. Moreover, as the USB specification has moved on to the third installment of the technology, these adapters are now capable of displaying true high definition video as well as crystal clear sound on to the different monitors. These adapters work equally well with the latest generation of data projectors as well as HD capable TV screens. The plug and play nature of the adapters also mean that you do not have to open the computer’s casing and void any warranties as a result.

USB Multi Monitor Adapters- how to use multiple displays with your pc

Use iPad and Android Tablets as Extra Monitors

It may sound as if it is a misnomer but it is true that you can use the latest generation of tablet devices, either Android tablets or the iPad to replicate the display of your desktop PC or laptop. The set up is equally easy in this respect too. There are dedicated apps you can download fro0m the web and effect the multiple monitor display solution straight away. You will need to install the software on both your PC as well as on the tablet device itself. The version installed on the PC will behave as a virtual video device driver, transmitting the video display data screen by screen to the portable device itself. In the tablet, the version of the app installed receives the data and translates it to fit the screen with uncanny accuracy.


Matrox Graphics Expansion Module

The Graphic eXpansion Module (GXM) a revolutionary piece of technology developed by Matrox Graphics is bringing even more choice for users looking to spread computer display over several monitors. The main advantage of this method is that the technology taps into your PC’s own inherent graphics processing capability without requiring installation of unwieldy extra hardware. By using the computer’s own GPU (graphics processing unit) the display on the extra set of monitors is flawless and crystal clear as on the primary monitor. The GXM makes use of the USB port too and can be used to split the display of your desktop PC or laptop over two or three extra monitors with relative ease.

Matrox Graphics Expansion Module- how to use multiple displays with your pc

Dedicated DisplayLink Adapter

Today you can take advantage of specialized adapters developed by DisplayLink to spreads the display of your computer across different screens. The latest of these adapters can support up to six extra monitors at a go on a single desktop PC or laptop. One of the drawbacks of this approach though is that the adapter consumes a considerable component of the computers inherent processing power and may therefore end up slowing your computer’s overall speed. That said though, the advantage of this approach is pretty clear. You should try it as well and join the ranks of other users already making use of the technology’s convenience in achieving display versatility in a cost effective way.

Dedicated DisplayLink Adapter- how to use multiple displays with your pc

External GPU


External GPU how to use multiple displays with your pc

Of course the most obvious approach in adding extra monitor display capability to your computer is to add an extra graphics card or GPU. On your desktop PC you are certain to have an extra PCI slot, sold unused from the factory to use for this purpose. Even most modern laptops come with what is known as an extra PCI Express slot which can be used for the same objective as well. If you recently bought your desktop PC or laptop check to certify that installing such an extra card will not void your warranty guarantees.